March 28, 2013

review: harry's (the men's shaving service)

Want a great shave, a stylish razor and inexpensive blades that are shipped to your doorstep all while helping others? Well then I have the answer for you.

Harry’s is a new venture from the folks that brought you Warby and Parker. You know, the stylish glasses that cost around $100 a pair? Well, they saw an opportunity and moved into men’s grooming. With the popularity of Dollar Shave Club, this comes as no surprise. The market lacked a more upscale sibling to the bargain basement approach of that club. Harry’s brings style, elegance and a sense of humor to act of shaving your grizzly mug.

Let’s start with their website. Simple and elegant, just like their razors. And what a logo. Kudos to the design team. The site is easy to navigate, very informative and sells the product well without feeling "salesy". I wonder what their conversion rate is because I know I had no intention of buying razors on the internets and when I ended up on their page I was sold. Great images, solid copy and a sweet price point. I opted for the full meal deal, the Harry’s shave set with the orange Truman razor.

I eagerly awaited the package. I tracked it and made sure I had some good stubble going when it arrived so that I could immediately put the German engineered razor blade to the test.

Then it arrived. Cue angelic choir.

As you can see from the photo, the packaging is fantastic. The kit comes with shave cream, two spare razors, the razor handle with a razor attached and some great shave tips in the form of a shave guide. Oh, and the shave cream has a lottery number on the back. Not sure what that is all about yet...

I chose the Truman with the orange handle which feels very solid in your hand.

I read the shave guide, lathered up and put it to the test. Probably the best shave ever. No joke. Shaving can go so wrong but when it goes right it is a real pleasure. And these razors are fantastic. Must be that German engineering. Thanks Harry's, I now look forward to shaving.

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