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August 27, 2013

brands with personality: old spice & taco bell

Brands should have personality. They should have a voice and allow us to connect with them on an emotional level (and when a brand is truly connecting they create a Lovemark). We love it when brands respond to our posts, tweets, etc. but let's be honest, it is even better when two brands interact. Here is the fantastic exchange between Taco Bell and Old Spice on Twitter that takes this idea to the next level...

July 18, 2013

red bull: the content marketing machine

Mashable recently did a fantastic feature on Red Bull. You may have heard of them. Little blue and silver can? The kids mix it with vodka? Right. You know what else they make that you can consume besides an energy drink? Content. Lots of content. In fact, they have an entire division (more like a company) dedicated to this content. The Red Bull Media House churns out bite sized morsels of content goodness. They produce print, television, online, mobile, music, games and feature film content.

Their dedicated website for content is called the Red Bull Content Pool and it is aimed at producers, editors and journalists looking to quench their content thirst. What they have done a masterful job of is putting their product second, a distant second. The real focus is the content which in turn builds brand loyalty which eventually equates to sales.

The Mashable piece also highlighted a solid report by the Altimeter Group. They have done a great job of categorizing what stage companies are in with regard to content marketing using an exercise analogy (stand, stretch, walk, jog and run). Check it out, it is well worth your time.

June 26, 2013

nearly half of all website traffic comes from natural search.

Conductor just completed a fascinating study where they analyzed traffic to 30 websites across six industries. They looked at inbound traffic over a one-year period, analyzing over 310 million visits in total. And what they found was that natural search drives the most traffic of all channels (47%). What this demonstrates is that SEO is still king when it comes to driving traffic. It is interesting to note that social comprises 2%, which might not seem like a lot but I bet this an increase over the previous year. And if they conduct the same study next year I bet there would be slight increase again.

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