March 20, 2013

pebble watch review.

Yep, it's finally here. It's been almost a year since the Kickstarter for Pebble was funded and the race to produce the much anticipated e-paper watch was on. Along the way there were a lot of updates, photos of the manufacturing in progress, excuses reasons for the continuing delays and changing release dates.

Earlier this year at CES the Pebble finally had a soft launch and made quite a splash. Word on the street is that all the major players, including Apple, are now in the smartwatch game. This is no surprise considering how excited people got about the Pebble. Raising $10 million on Kickstarter will do that.

Upon first glance the packaging for the Pebble is very similar to that of the Kindle. All that it contains is the watch and the charging cable, which is one of a kind so don't lose it as they don't make replacements yet. There are no real instructions in the box so you have to go to the website using a computer or smartphone in order to learn more.

Then allow your smartphone to find the Pebble via Bluetooth and connect. Download and open the Pebble app on your smartphone to be sure you have the latest software and presto, your ready to go. The watch updates via over the air via Bluetooth which makes the updating process very smooth.

The watch itself is lightweight and simple, elegant in fact. Folks have complained about the strap being cheap, but I for one think it is very satisfactory. There are four buttons total. One on the left and three on the right. They control the menu, scrolling up and down and a back option.

The functionality is very simple and straightforward. I can see who is calling me, see my texts and receive email notifications. The watch also vibrates when a notification is coming through. The Pebble has an accelerometer which allows you to shake the watch and the e-paper display lights up for viewing in low light which is very handy. I really like how they have focused on a few functions and nailed them. It was definitely worth the wait.

UPDATE: Pebble firmware update 1.9 delivers a non-watchface app - the classic game of snake

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